Project Description

Suite in Jazz Style
for clarinet quartet (4 Bb-clarinets)

  • composition date: 1992-1999/ rev.2000/ corr.2008
  • duration: ca. 10 min. (2’30”+3’30”+4’)
  • movements:
    I – Waltz
    II – Blues
    III – Jazzy
  • premiere:
    • 20/04/2004 – Helena de Sá e Costa Theatre (ESMAE), Porto; Quarteto Vintage [Iva Barbosa, José Eduardo Gomes, Cândida Oliveira e Ricardo Alves]

Suite in Jazz Style is, as its name suggests, inspired by jazz. Not a “pure” kind of jazz, but a jazz as seen through the eyes of a layman as myself, therefore without any taboos or dogmas attached. My aim was primarily to create music which would be pleasant to play and listen to, without great pretentiousness, and for that I choose the instrumental means I knew best at the time: the clarinet. The order of composition was exactly the reverse of the final order of the movements of the suite, and the name of the work derives from the title of the last movement, which was once intended as an autonomous piece. This is also what I call my Op.1, the first work which I consider worthy of listing in my catalog.

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