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Dancing Flutes!
for flute ensemble

  • composition date: 2022
  • duration: ca. 7:30 min.
  • commission: Associação Portuguesa de Flautas [Portuguese Flute Association]
  • dedication: «Dedicated to Jorge Salgado Correia and the FLUTUA ensemble.»
  • premiere: 20/07/2022, Auditório Luís de Camões, Conservatório Regional de Música de Ponta Delgada / S. Miguel, Açores | FlutUA (Orquestra de Flautas da Universidade de Aveiro) / dir. Jorge Salgado Correia
  • detailed instrumentation (flute octet + optional percussion):
    Piccolo/ Flute 1 (+ Piccolo 2)/ Flute 2 (+ Piccolo 3)/ Flute 3/ Flute 4/ Alto Flute 1/
    Alto Flute 2/ Bass Flute
    Percussion (1 player | optional): claves, vibraslap, tambourine, güiro [reco-reco], triangle, agogo, splash cymbal (suspended), snare drum, rainstick, hi-hat

Dancing Flutes idealizes, as the name suggests, a dance of flutes. I imagine a troupe of flutists playing and dancing in a circle, a sort of tribal ritual, invoking gods and pagan deities for a festive celebration of life, happiness, and spirituality. A telluric spirituality, coming from Mother Nature, here represented by the evocation of birds (alter-egos of the flutes), in a chaotic, but joyful singing in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. There are also moments of reflection, important as a counterpoint to moments of greater effusiveness (in music as in life), but the work concludes with an exaltation of the gift of music and of life!

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