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Two of a kind
for 2 equal clarinets

  • composition date: 2021
  • duration: ca. 3:00 min.
  • premiere: [tba]


In this duet, intended for junior students, I seek to explore with great emphasis the rhythmic interplay between the two clarinetists, in a constant counterpoint that sometimes superimposes the two voices, at others alternates them and occasionally even puts them in a dispute for the leadership of the musical momentum. The two performers must have identical levels of development, as the register range asked for in both parts is similar, extending from the low chalumeau to the altissimo. A good independence is also requested from both performers, who should deal with the technical and rhythmic demands with dexterity but elegance. Despite these difficulties, however, the general mood of the piece is intended to be cheerful and enjoyable, because I think that making music should always be a joy!

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