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A Promenade da Marga
for child wind orchestra
(flexible instrumentation)

  • composition date: 2013 | ed./rev. 2022
  • duration: ca. 1:00 min.
  • premiere:
    • 7/June/2014 | Porto Conservatory of Music Auditorium
      Porto Conservatory of Music Child Wind Orchestra | dir. prof. Avelino Ramos
  • for 4 (or 5) parts of flexible instrumentation
  • individual parts available in various transpositions (C, Bb, Eb, F, G), for greater freedom of choice of instruments for each part
  • percussion is optional: although it is suggested a snare drum for the upper voice and a bass drum or a low/tenor drum without snares for the lower voice, these options are also open to the choice of the teacher/musical director and the availability in the orchestra



I wrote this very brief piece in 2013, as a Christmas gift for my eldest daughter, Margarida («Marga» being her nickname), who at the time was playing the flute and attending the child wind orchestra directed by prof. Avelino Ramos, at the Porto Conservatory of Music (Portugal). It is, of course, written in a very simple idiom, perfectly adapted to beginners and their limitations. I conceived it for four different instrumental parts, which can be divided into five by doubling part 1 with an upper octave. As of the 2022 revision, I also included optional percussion. There isn’t any instrumentation specified precisely to allow total flexibility in the distribution of the voices among the instruments existing at each moment and in any specific orchestra. The individual parts are available in several transpositions, to allow them to be played by the greatest possible variety of students and their instruments.

For me it was a huge challenge to write for this age group, but at the same time an unspeakable pleasure. I hope that this simple contribution of mine can bring these young beginners as much joy and satisfaction as I felt hearing it played by my daughter and her colleagues at the Porto Conservatory of Music!

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