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17 January 2016

CHIAROSCURO (premiere)

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The Portuguese Symphonic Band [Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa], conducted by Francisco Ferreira, will give the World premiere of Chiaroscuro – two scketches for symphonic band, by Luís Carvalho, at Sala Suggia in Casa da Música (Porto/Portugal) next 24/January/2016, at 12pm.

This piece, comissioned by and dedicated to these performers, represents, in the words of the composer, «an eminently abstract work», albeit refering to «a Renaissance painting technique characterized by contrasts of light and shadow (the Italian word «chiaroscuro» meaning exactly bright [light] – dark [shadow])».

The week after, on the 31/January/2016 (6pm), the same performers will also give the work’s international premiere, presenting it at the Pazo da Cultura in Pontevedra – Spain.


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