Event / Evento

Come to see us! / Venha assistir!
Date : 16 / Feb / 2020
Time : 11:00
Address : Tv. Convenção de Gramido 41, 4420-416 Valbom
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Portuguese Premiere of «… pour le temps perdu»

Gondomar, Casa Branca de Gramido

Luís Matos, Oboe and English-horn


Recital of Portuguese music for solo oboe and English-horn by Luís Matos.
On the programme, amongst others, the Portuguese Premiere of «… pour le temps perdu», for solo English-horn, by Luís Carvalho, a work dedicated to the memory of Samuel Bastos, Portuguese oboist deceased on May/2019.

The World Premiere of this work happened in Auxerre, France, on November 2, 2019, by the same performer.